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New IR OSIRIS camera in action


Since February 2013, CIRAM proposes a new OSIRIS HD Infra Red Camera from Opus Instruments Ltd.

Working with the National Gallery (London), Opus has developed the groundbreaking Osiris camera specifically designed for high-resolution infrared reflectography

Osiris is the first infrared imaging system to provide high-resolution, high-speed images in a small lightweight camera.




Features of the Osiris camera:-

  • High resolution images (16 mega pixels)
  • Object resolution down to 0.05 mm (0.002 inches)
  • Images produced in minutes
  • Small enough to be carried in airline hand luggage
  • Single finished image produced rather than multiple images that require further processing
  • User selectable integration time
  • User selectable depth of field via lens aperture (F/number)
  • Zoom in and out of the screen to look at fine details
  • Simple controls allow selection and capture of an area of interest
  • Fast focus mode allows the best focus to be quickly obtained
  • Integration time and black-level calibrations simply controlled by PC display

CIRAM is at your disposal to bring you this new camera.