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Lectures program - Fall 2015 - Hong Kong, London


Scientific Investigation of Bronze in Asian Art
by Dr Olivier Bobin, CEO & Scientific Director of CIRAM

Metal is a medium that is less spread than ceramics in Asian art, but it remains a vital one in the expression of the myths, beliefs, and customs of many traditional societies. In China, bronze has been manufactured from the Neolithic period. It is a particularly interesting and intriguing material to the chemist and the physicist, because it is almost impossible to date and because it is so varied and changeable. The analysis of metal is also of great interest to curators and art aficionados. Rigorous examination of the medium can be a source of valuable information that can shed light on the nature of an object and the manufacture techniques. It can contribute to the identification of its provenance and its chronology. This talk will present the techniques of analysis used for studying copper alloys and will discuss the kind of information that can be gleaned from such study as well as its limitations.

Tuesday 6th October, 3.00 pm
Fine Art Asia Fair, Hong Kong Convention
and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai

Tuesday 10th November, 6.45 pm
Royal Academy of Arts,
Belle Shenkman Room, Piccadilly

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