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Hear from our customers

" This is a great novelty and a facility for the antiques dealers to use the CIRAM's services. Not only can they provide scientific guarantee of the authenticity of an object but can add using the same laboratory a series of additional guaranties: analysis and dating of wood, microscopic analysis of the patina, its chemical composition, CT scan or X-Ray images, etc ... All useful things in this business. "

M. Pierre DARTEVELLE, art merchant at Brussels

" I met the laboratory CIRAM through a magnificent publication ... a very professional work, showing the acceptance of CIRAM and its methods by the French archaeological community and the services of state. Subsequently we have established a very close collaboration between us. Their expertise has protected me from mistakes and this is part of the duties of a merchant, to consult in case of doubt. CIRAM is a serious laboratory with whom I enjoy working, especially because it is independent and not subject to any outside influence. "

M. Jean-David CAHN, art merchant at Basel