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  • Cultural Heritage

    Cultural Heritage

    Château de Versailles, Abbaye de Saint Savin, Notre Dame de Paris...

  • Furniture


    Manufacturing Techniques, Decorations, Diagnostic

  • Wall paintings

    Wall paintings

    Stratigraphy, Pigments, Binders, Soluble Salts

  • Paintings


    Pigments, binders, Restorations, Signature

  • Microanalysis


    Mineral & Organic Pigments, Binders, Extenders, Varnish...

  • Technical Assistance

    Technical Assistance

    Analysis, Characterization, Synthesis

  • Our references

    Our references

    Le musée du Louvre, Rodin, Giacometti, Ville de Paris...


Study of pigment, stratigraphy, RX UV IR picture...

Wall paintings

Stratigraphy, pigments...

Carved figure

Stratigraphy, X-Ray image, pigments...

Built heritage

Soluble salts, mortars, plasters, stucco ...

All those informations are proposed in French language.

The english version will be available soon.