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Scientific analysis of a painting can respond to various issues:

It is necessary to combine several methods to obtain objective data essential to the full understanding of the painting.

Radiocarbon dating provides a chronological manufacturing support (canvas, wood, paper ...). It is usually the first step of our investigations.

We use 6 imaging techniques: natural light, raking light, transmitted light, fluorescence under UV, infrared reflectography and X-ray radiography. They may find a signature, highlight preparatory drawings, visualize or identify repentance restoration...

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The scanning electron microscopy, infrared and Raman spectroscopy are used to characterize the mineral and organic materials and to estimate the chronological compatibility of the pictorial techniques with the presumed age of the table.

In all cases, our results are the perfect complement of a stylistic expertise. Because none of this scientific information would permit to assign a painting to an artist. They are limited to time series data and techniques.